Electric Bike Lithium Battery

The electrically assisted bicycles called VAE are no longer to be presented, but we can however be interested in this subject because most of the time the battery corresponds to the value of the bicycle. In this part we will look at the battery of the bike and also its choice.

The lifespan of a VAE battery can vary between 1 year and more than 5 years, which is important because the life of the bike will depend on it. For the purchase of an electric bike there are 2 different approaches to have.

Let’s start with the standard range electric bikes often between 1000€ including tax and 2000€ including tax, these are cheap bikes. The batteries are mainly with a voltage of 36V which varies between 250 and 750Kw/h. For cheap models the greatest risk is on the battery. The Kw/h makes it possible to approach the possible distance that can be traveled with the vehicle and it is the main value to worry about when buying an electric bike.

Cheap bikes will have Lithium batteries with a lifespan of around 2 to 3 years, but don’t worry, it’s quite easy to recondition a battery to cover long distances as it was initially. The budget is between 250€ including tax and 450€ including tax depending on the power and the cells chosen. It is preferable to use higher quality cells whenever this situation arises in order to increase battery life.

For high-end bikes, motors and batteries are often of the higher quality Bosch brand with prices between €3000 including tax to €5000 including tax for bikes with batteries between 400Kw/h and 750Kw/h. The batteries have an extended lifespan but cannot be easily repaired because they are deliberately sealed and welded so as not to be opened. The price of the battery is much more expensive than an unbranded battery and it will need to be replaced completely.

In summary, the choice of the bike must be made mainly according to the initial budget and its use. The Lithium battery will have to be changed or repaired in due time but will not pose a problem for a budget between 400€ including tax and 700€ including tax.

A repair, standard exchange or recycling service for your Lithium battery from bicycles and offered here:

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