Floor Lamp and Lithium Battery

One of the easiest uses is to recycle battery cells in street lighting or garden lighting.

We will therefore discuss public lighting and the power required as well as the easy solutions offered by Pro Lithium.

Generally public lighting uses lampposts 6 or 8 meters high powered by the city’s electrical network. However, there are much smarter and hardly more expensive solutions that save significant electrical costs for the municipality.

Now there are streetlights that do not need to be connected to electrical networks and that will save very significant electrical costs.

Pro Lithium recovers cells from the batteries and reconditions them with equipment to re-upgrade the cell for the lamp post. The lifespan is at least 5 years but can be up to 15 years. This makes the installation very profitable for the municipality or the individual who uses the lamppost.

Interested in an autonomous solar street light? it’s here

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