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Assembly and production of our lithium batteries in our factory


Assembling batteries requires the necessary equipments that will extend the life of your batteries and their stability.

So here is a few tips to understand why to trust Pro Lithium

  • How long does a lithium battery last?

It all depends on the battery selection, how they were inspected before assembly and how they are assembled. Generally the lifespan is 3 months to 15 years.

  • What is the difference of 3 months and 15 years ?

3 months is the lifespan of a bad assembled battery and 15 years’ lifespan is properly assembled battery.

  • What is the difference in the assembly?

Sealing and compliance with voltages and standards.

  • What does it require to make a quality battery?

First of all the equipment allows the control, the quality personnel to assemble the batteries and the quality cells inside the battery.

  • And what is the price?

The price has no difference from a Chinese or German batteries, batteries generally remain the same price regardless the country.

  • How do you repair a battery?

It is not a secret that battery is repairable only when the manufacturer masters its production line and always uses the same batterie cells inside. Therefore, it will be easy to replace the defective battery cells in the battery with the identical model.

  • How can we be sure of his answers?

It’s quite simple, just come and meet us and check for yourself.

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