Lithium batteries – Electric motorcycles, electric scooters, electric bicycles

For electric vehicles such as electric scooters, lithium batteries can extend the range and recharge quickly which are different from conventional batteries. The weight is 3 to 4 times less facilitates the fact that they are more transportable. Our experts make it possible to assemble batteries for any electric scooter, bicycle and motorcycle. Pro Lithium is able to assemble a lithium battery in standard exchange for your scooter.

Our service provides you with all the batteries for your electric vehicle, with the guarantee of lithium batteries for your vehicles: electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric motorcycles. If your electric vehicles come from China, it is also a big advantage to have short supply time for the same price.

Electric bike: Electric bikes are often subject to higher humidity on the battery which can cause oxidation. We can diagnose your battery and if it is not repairable, we can offer you an equivalent or more efficient model as best as possible.

Electric Scooter: We offer support, standard exchange and preferential price contracts for our lithium batteries. Standard exchange is often the best solution when the battery is faulty.

Electric Motorcycle: most of the time the batteries have higher capacity than the batteries of scooters, which is why we prefer repairs if possible.

Lithium batteries – solar panels, wind turbines and renewable energies

Lithium batteries for solar panels can reduce charging time by more than 50% and have a longer life than lead batteries.

Lithium batteries will improve the energy yield of solar installations.

Our team specializes in lithium batteries for solar panels and wind turbines.

For solar panels, it is advisable to equip wind turbines with lithium batteries in order to reduce power outage by storing energy. Generally the proportion of lithium batteries require lower quantities than the lead batteries for the same installation. Depending on your installation, we can support you and improve your installation.

Lithium batteries – boats, fishing and the nautical world

Lithium batteries are increasingly used in the nautical environment such as power lighting, communication tools or an electric motor for fishing. Lithium batteries for the nautical environment meets waterproof sealing standards to prevent oxidation. More and more sailboats use lithium battery resources to recover the energy generated by solar panels and wind turbines.

We design batteries according to the requests of boat and nautical equipment.

Our batteries are optimized for boats due to their dimensions, capacities and lifespans. For professionals we can manufacture batteries with precise dimensions and by 3D printing to make the plastic or aluminum formwork if necessary. We can provide solutions for all nautical projects for professionals.

Lithium batteries – Home use

Lithium batteries for domestic use are generally low voltages and amperages with precise dimensions. Our team is able to support you according to your development requests for your project. Our batteries can be made up of 18650 and 21700 battery cells ranging from 2000mah up to 5000mah amperage

Lithium battery solution can be offered to personal equipment and domestic use

In order to meet the requests of our customers, we ask the model which needs to be reproduced or repaired to be returned to us, and if impossible, provide us with the plan and the technical data of the batteries.

Lithium batteries – Professional use

At present, some machines are equipped with lithium batteries for backup and as electric motors. Pro Lithium offers diagnostic and maintenance to companies that require the services. Our technicians can respond quickly to requests for interventions and solutions.

Small company and large company We develop and maintain lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries for professionals can be from our own brands or brands like Samsung, LG or others.

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