Scooter, Motorcycle, Bikes, Motorcycle – Lithium Battery


Lithium batteries are important for vehicles which often comprise 30% to 40% of the product price, that is why it is important to provide a service that can solve your problems without buying a new battery As far as customers are concerned, the batteries are generally guaranteed for 3 months after purchase, but please don’t worry, each lithium battery is repairable even if it may require interventions for several hours. If your customers or your batteries require intervention, we advise you to contact us to evaluate feasible solutions.

Boat – Lithium Battery

The sealing of the batteries makes it possible to extend their lifespan and increase the autonomy over time. We can maintain and repair your batteries to improve their reliability and reduce the risk of total failure, but above all the identification of the failure of the lithium battery is essential. The frequent observed problem is the oxidation of the cells inside the batteries but which is unfortunately the most expensive breakdown. However, depending on the general condition the batteries can be repaired.

Wind, Solar Equipment – Lithium Battery

More and more solar panels and wind turbines are equipped with lithium batteries in order to store energy quickly, unlike lead or gel batteries requiring longer charging times. Annual maintenance conserves the life of your batteries and prevents irreversible common failure. A defective battery cell in the batteries can jeopardize the general use of the battery and cause a failure and make the battery irreparable. Annual maintenance will guarantee your battery for up to 15 years.

Domestic Use – Lithium Battery

Many equipment for domestic use include lithium batteries, which over time wear out and need to be replaced or repaired. We can intervene and solve the problem when the voltage is amperage remains important to support the cost of the intervention. Our service is able to be customized with a suitable formwork made in 3D printing. This intervention can be expensive but in certain cases if no other solution of replacement, using a standard model is possible.

Industrial Equipment – Lithium Battery


ost machines are now equipped with lithium batteries to save sensitive data such as machine settings and as an energy supplier for electric motors. Defective battery cell in the batteries must be replaced at least once a year to avoid general breakdown or immobilization of a machine which is the essential production line. In order to better guarantee your production line, our technicians can follow and accompany you for your equipment incorporating lithium batteries.

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